Babelfish Analytics


Independent Verfication.

Babelfish Analytics is actively partnering with the institutional brokerage community to:

Help standardize routing and venue data provision to the buy-side. A universally accepted standard format for all buy-side clients will help brokers satisfy their client requests for this data more quickly, reducing redundant development costs.

Offer un-conflicted routing analysis services. Clarity provides an independent perspective and can provide various levels of consulting services, from production of standard client reports, to an outsourced analytical test-bed to examine new and modified routing strategies.

Babelfish Analytics provides insight and market structure analysis to the institutional trading community

  • Market Transparency
    • Babelfish Analytics helps investors understand the nuances of market structure and order routing
      • Elevating the level of discussion between broker and client
  • Streamlined operations
    • Brokers receive many requests for routing data, however the requests are not standardized.
    • These bespoke queries are unstandardized, and typically incomplete.
      • The heterogeneous nature makes each request a fire drill
      • Babelfish Analytics standardizes these requests reducing countless hours of development and educational time
      • Better informed investors mean more effective execution discussions
  • Better Relationships
    • Investors will test different routing and execution strategies
      • More tests will lead to greater temporary order flow
    • More effective routing efficiency will lead to more business
    • Greater transparency and trading effectiveness will lead to deeper client relationships