Babelfish Analytics

Advisory Board

Be part of the solution.

To insure that Babelfish Analytics venue and routing analytics information is collected, analyzed, and interpreted correctly, we are developing an Advisory Board that will consist of a limited number of large and thoughtful money managers and brokers. This Advisory Board will work closely and transparently to help develop the proper analyzes visualizations, and interpretations of routing and execution data

Advocating Broker Partners

We are working with the following brokers who are advocating for transparent markets and are committed to the Clarity product and process.

Bloomberg Tradebook
Sanford Bernstein
Cowen and Company
Weeden & Co.

Bloomberg Tradebook; Cowen and Company; Sanford Bernstein; and Weeden & Co. are working with us as partners. These firms are helping us build out Clarity  and are not only advocating but helping the industry provide greater market transparency.  Serving as Advisory Board members, they are working closely with our growing client base of investment management firms, currently representing over $500 billion in US equity AUM.   The Board works with the buy side to develop an accurate, consistent framework for analyzing critical execution data, provide increased transparency; streamline workflow; develop consistent, and cooperative analysis; enhance broker-client relationships; and standardized output.

If your firm is interested in being part of this small influential advisory group, please contact us at