Babelfish Analytics

Key Advantages

Analysis Without Conflicts.

Increased Transparency

  • Recent events have pressured institutional investors to analyze venue and routing information
  • Pressure is being applied at the board level

Consistent and Cooperative Analysis

  • Babelfish Analytics Is building out a business to help investors and brokers analyze venue and routing effectiveness
  • Babelfish Analytics will develop a common set definitions, standards, and analytics that will be applied to all brokers and investors transparently
  • This consistent set of definitions, specifications, and analytics will result in streamlining data requests and fulfillment as well as creating a methodology to interpret execution and routing information accurately

Enhanced Relationships

  • Tighter buy-side/sell-side discussions and partnerships to enhance message routing and venue placement
  • Perform experimentation execution strategies with supplemental liquidity
  • Provide greater insight around routing and execution cost trade-offs aiding broker/client value discussions

Standardized Output

  • Organize calls between members to discuss topics, methodologies, and process changes
  • Broker partners will receive the same studies as investors

 Streamlined Workflow

  • Requests for data are inconsistent in definition, format and completeness
  • Inconsistency forces the re-request of information in different format or inaccurate analysis
  • These requests are taxing to brokers’ sales, trading, and technology groups