Babelfish Analytics

Money Managers

Trust your Instincts.  Verify with Data.

Buy-side traders have a instinct when it comes to their trading tools.  Strategies that don't work as expected are frustrating and can negatively impact performance... but broker relationships are important and complex.  It isn't as easy as just moving on to the next strategy when trading is just one part of the broker partnership.  Many times, understanding why a strategy is underperforming expectations requires analysis of massive amounts of data and applying a deep understanding of routing logic.  Traders are in the business of trading and trading desk budgets typically don't include support for a team of analysts and building the required analysis infrastructure.

This is where Clarity can help.

Babelfish Analytics offers Clarity, the only truly un-conflicted venue and routing product in existence.  Traders finally have a way to translate their gut instinct into quantifiable evidence about how they want their algos to work.  Instead of explaining just the consequence, we can tell you the why and how behind what happens and help you better communicate the problem to the broker, and ultimately, fix the problems and improve efficiency and performance.

  • Empower your firm by accurately analyzing your routing information
    • Quantify the opportunity cost of your execution footprint
    • Know how well your strategies are being implemented
    • Understand the cost of liquidity
    • Better insight into your partners' routing and execution costs
    • Know who is working for you
  • Be prepared with data to answer the difficult questions about execution cost and quality
  • Make effective use of your firm's and partners' resources
    • Ask your partners for the right information - first
    • Effectively use the data that your brokers prepare for you
  • An unconflicted and trusted partner
    • We have years of experience analyzing routing information
    • We have no ability to compromise your information
      • We are not a broker,
      • We do not create algorithms
      • We do not have a dark pool
      • We have no trading capabilities
    • We are 100% employee owned