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Babelfish Analytics currently collects complete venue and routing data from almost 30 brokers for the purpose of providing analysis to our clients.  Why are we the only firm that is trusted with this data (and it certainly isn't our charm and charisma!)?

We will never, ever share this data improperly.

This data will not be used for any purpose other than which is was intended.  Never has.  Never will. Period.  

We do not operate a data warehouse.

The purpose of our data collection is to perform analysis for clients, not to act as a conduit for data between parties.  No exchanges, venues, other brokers, academics, or anyone other than the client who is authorized to review their aggregated results will access their broker's data. 

We are unconflicted.

Babelfish is not a broker, nor do we create algorithms, or routing technology.  We do not compete with the brokers who contribute data. 

We are independent.

Babelfish exists for one purpose--to help our clients improve their returns.  TCA is our reason for existing.  It is not a Trojan Horse to induce clients to use execution services nor is there a bias to promote a product or a marketing concept.  Any ideas that we discuss or research that we write is for the benefit of our client base and uses data that we have explicit permission to use.  Because of this, we have no need to "wall off" data or engage in complex corporate structures.  It is all TCA, all the time.  

Broker data is confidential.

We have strict policies in place that prevent us from improperly sharing confidential broker information.  It has not and will not happen because we understand the importance of the relationships our clients have with their brokers.

We have a proven track record.

Sometimes brokers may not agree with our observations and we certainly have had lots of healthy debate, but at a minimum, the purpose of our analysis is to provide a quantitative basis for discussion between our buy side clients and their execution partners.  We feel that most participants in these discussions would agree that they are productive and help to improve broker-client relationships.

Data security

Our collected data exists only in AWS cloud services.  Physical location is unknown to us.  We use military-grade encryption, VPNs, and multi-factor authentication for all data access.   Please contact us for further details.

Become a contributing broker

Please contact us at for more details.